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Benefits of Being
a Content Creator

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    Free Products from Thousands of Brands

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    Exclusive Invites to Virtual and Real World Events

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    Private Communities just for Brands’ Creators & Influencers

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    Advanced Access to New Products from Brands Seeking Reviews & Feedback

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    Exclusive Discounts and Promotions from Brands

How Much Do Content Creators Earn

While all content creators are different, many properly trained creators can earn an additional $250 - $2000 a month doing exactly what the GURU training program teaches and following a consistent process of building relationships with brands.

Even those without big followings. Content is king, and brands need great content for their social posts and social ads. Each course is curated to give you insight in the industry, secrets from brands, and how to secure larger paid campaigns. With the help from the GURU, you’ll be able to feel more confident, knowledgeable, and experienced to create a portfolio of content.

Content Drives the World. Are You Ready to Be a Part of It?

The Guru is your insider-source to quickly learn how to become a professional content creator, including landing brand deals, generating work from home income, and having a fun, flexible career.

I'll Share Everything
I’ve Learned With You!

Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of brands and thousands of influencers and creators. There are secrets that aren’t shared, which can quickly help anyone get from A to Z, and start getting paid opportunities as a content creator.

  • Myths

    • Must have millions of followers.
    • Must be a model, beautiful,…
    • You need expensive equipment
    • It will take too long, and I won't have time to learn
    • Brands only work with celebrities / I don’t know how to get in touch with brands/pitch/negotiate

    and 10 more myths we'll help you break through inside The Guru's Creator Mastermind

  • Facts

    • The majority of content creators have less than 100K followers.
    • Relatability is the most important factor behind content creation.
    • You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on fancy equipment! A phone with camera and good mic is all you’ll need
    • The GURU has carefully curated short and digestible content for anyone to enjoy. All you'll need is a few minutes per week.
    • Brands are fully aware that celebrities are not as relatable as they once were. This is why thousands of brands are now actively recruiting content creators to bring awareness to their products.

What creators like you
are saying about the Guru


Caroline O.

“I love working with Hollie because she’s extremely hands on and has helped me improve my content while bringing me deals.”

Sydney D.

“She has transformed my life! Her experience in the beauty industry has given me so much confidence as I create content. I will always be grateful for her because she continues to teach me everyday.”

Vera K.

I've Covered Everything You Need to Get Started & Become a Professional

Get more than 60 training videos I’ve created (more each month!) to become a professional creator:

  • Busting popular myths around content creation
  • Tips on How to Get a Brand’s Attention
  • How to Get on a Brand’s PR List
  • What NOT to do as a Content Creator
  • How to Dominate Social Media
  • Insider Beauty Secrets No One Will Share
  • How to Master LIVE Streaming Content
  • 5 Easy Ways to Crack Tiktok’s Algorithm

Select the Plan that
Works for You

  • Starter 1 month

    Start the monthly plan to get 15 training videos per month to give you the skills and confidence to start creating content for brands.


    $228 per year

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    For those who are sure they want to become a professional creator, unlock 60 videos today + 15 more every month, and master becoming a successful creator for 50% off with this annual PRO deal.


    50% discount per year

  • Express 6 months

    Dive into 60 of The Guru’s training videos immediately, with 15 more each month. Learn exactly how to impress brands, increase your rates, and win more brand deals.


    30% discount per year

Still Have

  • When will I start making money?

    This is a very popular question. While each and every content creator is different, many creators start earning an additional income within the first month.

  • How much should I charge for my first campaign?

    The answer to this question is contingent on the brand’s budget. We recommend asking the brand if they have a budget and working around an amount that is flexible with them.

  • Can this become a business?

    Of course! First and foremost, you are a business. Why? Because creating content takes time, effort, and energy. This is why we’re here to help you create content that will attract the attention of brands.

  • What if I want to cancel my membership?

    While this is rare because we provide so much valuable coaching and training, if you are not happy. So, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Simply email customer support and we’ll process your refund within 72 hours.

  • What if I need more guidance?

    The Guru is here to help guide you along the way. If you need one-on-one attention, please email

  • How long will it take for me to become a content creator?

    The Guru was created with you in mind because each video is an easy to digest course that anyone can take. While some can master the art overnight, others may take a month or longer.

  • Do I have to have a huge social media following in order to be successful?

    Absolutely not! Whether you have a few thousand or a few hundred followers, anyone can earn an additional stream of income by following the easy steps provided by the Guru.